Support Staff – Mandatory Professional Development

  • Activities such as First Aid, CPR, NVCI, WHMIS and Injury Prevention are not to be Professional Development days (EAAD) for the purpose of calculating an Educational Assistant’s work year under Article 10.06(a)(i) if they are mandatory for your position.
  • Attendance at these Division in-services are not included in the two or three days allocated during the work year.
  • You can register to attend these PD on a school closure day but you should be reported as DVIN not using one of your EAAD.
  • If the workshop is scheduled for more hours than your regular assignment, you will be paid the additional hours. Please notify the secretary of the additional hours that you have worked.

Support Staff – Non Mandatory Professional Development

  • If the school is closed and an Educational Assistant is scheduled to attend a PD and does not attend, due to illness, they can be paid for their regular assigned hours of work from their sick time balance that day,  but they also will lose one of their two/three Professional Development days (EAAD).
  • If the school is open and an Educational Assistant has registered to attend a Professional Development and does not attend, due to illness, they will be paid out of their sick leave.
  • When attending a Professional Development, Administration or In-Service day you will be paid your regular assigned hours for the day. If you are scheduled to attend for only one half a day you will be paid for the time you were at the PD.

 ***EAAD’s  that you can work are strictly for Professional Development only.  They are not for coming in and working in the office or cleaning up classrooms.