Unpaid Leave of Absence – **Expired June 2017**

The Association negotiated an unpaid Leave of Absence. It is defined in a Letter of Understanding  of your Collective Agreement and will be in effect till June 1, 2017.

An employee who has been employed for ten (10) or more continuous years of service shall be entitled to elect to take an unpaid Leave of Absence of up to one (1) week in length, providing the employee has not taken such a Leave during the preceding five (5) years. Such Leave will not be tied into a school break except in special circumstances that are approved by the Director of Human Resources. Except that where otherwise agreed, application for such Leave shall be made six (6) weeks in advance of the commencement of such Leave.

To request the Leave:

  • Complete a Short Leave of Absence Form at least six weeks prior to the Leave. (Discuss this with your immediate supervisor to confirm the date of the Leave with them.)
  • When completing the Short Leave of Absence Form and it requests for what purpose, please be specific. State: W.A.N.T.E. Unpaid Leave of Absence. (Absence Number 66 – Reason Code W.A.N.T.E. )
  • Substitutes are provided for all members of our bargaining unit while you are on your unpaid Leave of Absence. This Leave of Absence does not follow the Division’s guideline for a substitute. (You should be requesting your substitute in advance for the period of time you will be absent.)