• (i) Flexible Hours/Overtime Hours/Banked Hours

During our last negotiations the Division agreed to initiate a flexible hours/overtime bank. Each school would be entitled to use (for clerical purposes during the school year) the value of any clerical days that had not been utilized during the fiscal year. The hours can be used for both regular and overtime hours. For this purpose, clerical days are defined as the maximum additional working days that are in addition to the school year (either 5, 10 or 15 as set forth in Article 10.06 on page 19 of our Collective Agreement) less the additional days that were actually worked by employees in each of the clerical positions in the school.In addition, schools having 350 or more students will also be entitled to an additional 20 hours at overtime rates. These additional clerical hours will be available for flexible use and cannot be traded for non-clerical work. All decisions regarding the use of these additional hours are to be made by the principal in consultation with the head secretary.

  • (ii) Additional Time (School/Work Locations)

All school/work locations should be informed of their additional time that is available at the beginning of the school year. This is based on the size of the school and number of hours that were not used for the additional days allowed during the summer. If a work location requires additional time over and above this, their principal should be requesting it from their Superintendent. When the Association negotiated this additional time and use of unused days from the summer it was not to limit an employee from being paid for any additional time that they may have to work. Any time worked over and above your regular assigned hours must be approved by your immediate supervisor/principal. For full time clerical members this would be any time in excess of 7.25 hours per day.

  • (iii) Working during your Lunch Hours

The daily schedule for most employees includes an unpaid lunch period. If you are asked to work through that lunch period you should be paid for this additional time.

Educational Assistants

  • (i) Working during your Lunch Hours

You are entitled to be compensated when you are asked to attend meetings during your lunch hour or when you supervise students during this period of time regardless of whether they are in the school or you are accompanying them on a field trip.  You are also entitled to be compensated for any time that you are required to spend with students or attend meeting either before or after your regular work hours.

  • (ii) Overnight Trips

If you take part in an overnight trip, you are generally expected to work a straight shift not to exceed fourteen (14)  hours in duration.  All hours worked in excess of seven and one-quarter hours per day being paid at the applicable overtime rate. If an overnight trip is planned at your work location please confirm with your supervisor/principal that the expectation is that you are being requested to work for the overnight trip and that you will be paid for the time.  Report the additional hours worked to your school office so that it may be included on the salary report.

  • (iii) Additional Hours

All employees have been assigned a set number of hours of work.  Your timetable should not exceed these hours.  For example if you work 5 hours and your day starts at 8:30 a.m. with one hour for lunch you should be finished your day at 2:30 p.m.

All Employees

Employees in our bargaining unit are entitled to be paid for any time for which they are expected to work that is over and above their assigned hours.

Many of the members have chosen to volunteer for school committees, sports teams, special events etc. This is your choice. Being a part of your school/community can be very rewarding and is certainly welcomed. This is considered your personal time and is not a condition of employment. If you are not comfortable addressing these issues at your work location, please contact the office 953-0250. You are entitled to be paid and you can expect that both the Association and the Division will support any legitimate claims that are brought forward.