Welcome to the WANTE Elections Page.

In a effort for our membership to ‘meet’ their possible new representatives, we will be posting listings of each person running.

We will also provide each with an are for them to elaborate on their views/platforms and what it is that they can bring to the position…. A campaign platform / resume, as it were. Hopefully I can figure out how to include video interviews/campaign ads or at least links to them.

As soon as the list of nominees is complete we’ll post it here and then get the nominees to send us their info and a short message for the membership.

Check back here for more details and remember to Vote.


Here is the info from the January Newsletter about the Positions that are being elected this year and the positions themselves…

Responsibilities and Expectations of Executive and Council

1. VICE-PRESIDENT (open for Election for 2017/18)

The Vice-President shall:

a) Assume the duties and powers of the President in her absence.
b) Sign cheques with the treasurer and/or President as required.
c) Attend meetings for the association at the request of the President.
d) Be a member of the Grievance Committee and Collective Bargaining Committee.
e) If the office of President falls vacant, be Acting President until a new President is elected.
f) Attend all General Meetings.

2. TREASURER (open for Election for 2017/18)

The Treasurer shall:

a) Keep full and accurate books of account in which shall be recorded all receipts and disbursements of the Association.
b) Under the direction of the Executive Committee, shall control the deposit of money and the disbursement of the funds of the Association.
c) Give an account of all financial transactions and of the financial position of the Association at the Annual Meeting and all Executive and Council meetings.
d) Prepare an annual budget to be presented to Council for adoption by the first meeting in January of any given year. The annual budget shall cover the fiscal year being from January 1 of any given year to December 31 of the same year.
e) If necessary, introduce an amended budget during the financial year to supplement the previous annual budget. The budget shall be initiated through a motion in council and shall have as its purpose the re-allocation and re-channeling of funds, with the intention of consolidating and stabilizing the Association’s financial status.
f) Perform such other duties as assigned.
g) Should the Treasurer at any time, be unable to discharge the duties as set forth, the Executive Committee shall appoint a member in good standing to act in her their place.

3. MEMBERS-AT-LARGE (2 positions open for Election for 2017/18)
The Members-at-Large shall:
a) Attend meetings.
b) Chair a major or special committee.
c) Be available to give assistance and assume responsibilities when required.

4. COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES The Council Representatives shall:

The following positions are open for Election on Council for 2017/2018:
Educational Assistant A & B (includes Food Coordinators and Crossing Guards) (2 positions)
Educational Assistant C (includes Child Development Lab & Home Learning Assistants) (2 positions)
Educational Assistant D (includes Clinician Assistants, Interpreters, Vocational Trainers (2 positions) Work Experience Coordinators)
Computer Technician / Library Technician
Elementary School Clerk Senior / Junior High School Clerk Non-School Sites Clerk

The Council Representatives Shall:
a) Attend Council meetings.
b) Be a member on the various Standing Committees.

On-Line Nomination form.